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2022-09-24 03:10:27 By : Ms. Lily Tan

Do you have a room which has been decorated with lovely accessories?

Here is one more addition to it. 

For an entryway, living room, or bedroom, a sleek & modern ceiling fan is a must-have fixture. On warm, stuffy days, a ceiling fan can not only circulate air throughout the house, but modern ceiling fans will keep you cool in your room, patio, or deck. Just as important as its function is the look and style of any modern & contemporary ceiling fan.

Many modern ceiling fans come in a wide range of blade finishes, including bronze, brass, nickel, chrome, and many others, to fit the rest of your home’s decoration. The days of boring, all-white fans are long gone and trusted brands like Luminous will help keep you cool indoors or outdoors with a wide range of modern and contemporary ceiling fans.

Here are a few of the best ceiling fans in India that will help elevate your home interiors:

1. Lumaire Wine Red 1.2M (1200MM)

Try a contemporary take on the conventional ceiling fan with this fan’s sleek design and wine-red finish. This elegant model is one of India’s best ceiling fans, adding an extra design element to any indoor or outdoor space. It not only provides great air delivery but also comes with 5-speed fan regulations and 10W integrated LED light. The all-aluminum body and blades ensure that there is no corrosion and give you optimum performance.

2. Rio Novo Preto Black 1.2M (1200MM)

This is one of the most high-quality ceiling fans for moving the maximum amount of air with powerful motors. With this sleek and contemporary design, you can style your living room. 

This best ceiling fan in India helps with a bold contrast for art lovers and the design is inspired by the traditional fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Rio. With this model, you get a decorative model at a dream price. Not only this, but the fan also provides a high-speed motor for a better air throw and helps keep your room cool.

3. London Mayfair Bourneville Brown 1.2M (1200MM)

Luminous has modernist ceiling fan designs that will dazzle your artistic eye. If avant-garde is more your style, this fan considered one of the best ceiling fans in India is an ideal choice. The electroplated aluminum covers avoid any kind of corrosion.

A simple yet stylish design with elegant blade trims that are inspired by the Tulip flower makes your home the talk of the neighborhood. This ceiling fan, known for its quiet but strong motor, is a great match for any bedroom.

4. LiteAir Kraft Wood 1.2M (1200MM)

This fan looks more like a wooden beauty at first glance. A terrific addition to the home of every art lover. For better light dispersion and the optically built dome makes this model one of the best ceiling fans in India. 

Besides, the aerodynamically built ABS blades, and the premium wooden finish tick all the boxes for a good ceiling fan. Since the cutting edge of interior design is always evolving, depending on whom you ask, the concept of contemporary interiors can change! And this model is the best match for any modern designed home!

In every space in your house, selecting the right ceiling fan adds comfort and style. Leading brands in India, such as Luminous, manufacture the best ceiling fans in India. Choose a simple or decorative ceiling fan that reflects your character, background, and style in your home interiors. You can check out the Luminous online store for more designs and models.

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