Ledvance illuminates the new Critically Ill Unit of the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid - Instaladores 2.0

2022-05-14 18:33:27 By : Ms. Julie Zhu

As a whole, the action - developed on the 4th and 5th floors of the hospital center - has contemplated the installation of different lighting solutions for the different areas.To respond to the needs of the administration area with offices, work rooms and a secretariat, the installation of IndiviLED 600 dimmable DALI panels has been chosen.In the patient waiting rooms and in the work areas within the ICU area, Performance UGR DL recessed downlights have been chosen, due to their optimal glare index (UGR 19) and high protection against dust and humidity ( IP54).In his case, for the general access corridors and the warehouse area, the chosen solution was the Performance PFM 600 panel, which allows significant energy savings thanks to its high efficiency.In the case of warehouses, the Damp Proof Compact IP66 waterproof luminaire was chosen for the homogeneity of its light and its ability to guarantee good visibility.Lastly, the company installed the Spot Fireproof luminaire to complete the lighting of the UVI corridor.The project has selected the appropriate light for each area of ​​the hospital unit according to its functions and needs, and allows a considerable reduction in consumption and maintenance costs.Having a good lighting project makes even more sense in health centers because numerous studies show that it improves the performance and work of professionals and the health of patients, as well as the feeling of well-being.Manuel Judge.President of APILET