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2022-09-24 03:05:10 By : Mr. Jason zhang

Fitbit has unveiled the next generation of its wearables that combine Fitbit’s health and wellness tools with the smarts of Google — the Inspire 3, Versa 4 and Sense 2. These devices are even thinner and more comfortable, so you can wear them all day and night, and you do not have to charge them every day.

Millions of people around the globe use Fitbit every day — from checking how well they slept last night to doing a workout or mindfulness session in the app.

Whether you are focused on improving your mental health, gearing up to run a marathon, or starting a new health and wellness routine, you have a range of easy-to-use devices to choose from. By giving you information about your body that otherwise would not be top of mind — like your resting heart rate, oxygen saturation, sleep trends and body’s responses to stressors — you can better understand how to manage your holistic health. Here’s a look at how each device can fit your needs:

Inspire 3 is a fun, easy-to-use tracker that helps you stay on top of your health with 10 days of battery life. It is a great entry-level device with a rich color display that can track important metrics at an accessible price point. 

Versa 4 is a fitness-focused smartwatch that offers more than 40 exercise modes, real-time stats, built-in GPS and Active Zone Minutes, plus Premium features like Daily Readiness Score to help you reach your activity goals — all with six days of battery life in a thinner and lighter design.

Sense 2 is the most advanced health-focused smartwatch with more than six days of battery life that helps you manage stress and track your heart health. It also includes the new Body Response sensor, which measures EDA for all-day stress management.

With the Fitbit app, you can stay motivated and on track with weekly and longitudinal stats about your activity, heart health, sleep and stress. Plus you can log your hydration, menstrual health, mood, nutrition and glucose levels all in one place. Seeing all of your metrics together can help you better understand how the actions you take each day can impact your well-being and make better decisions for your daily life.

Fitbit Premium, which is included with all new device purchases for six months, takes your experience even further with additions like Daily Readiness Score and Sleep Profile to dive deeper into your stats and progress, and more than 1,000 workout and mindfulness sessions to keep your mind and body active.

The three new wearables — Fitbit Sense 2, priced at SR1,455.00 ($387); Versa 4, priced at SR1,119; and Inspire 3, costing SR449 — will be available later in September across leading local retailers such as and and shall include a six-month Premium membership for new and returning customers.

Genesis Middle East and Africa HQs has launched its flagship sedan, the G90. The G90 brings the first full model change in three years following its facelift in 2018, representing the most elegant interpretation of the brand’s luxury design identity. The model introduces a bold new direction that premium cars should pursue, with advanced assistance features that make driving easier, along with a variety of new technologies that add value to passengers’ journeys.

The G90 features the Genesis lineup’s most elegant exterior and interior designs yet. Driving specifications offer the utmost in terms of comfortable mobility along with many new features designed to enhance the experience for drivers and passengers of the G90.

Genesis’ most elegant exterior yet

The G90’s front includes a new crest grille and sleek two-line headlamps, which are designed to resemble the brand’s emblem. The G90’s status as a best-in-class sedan is further strengthened by its clamshell hood. The clamshell hood design features a single panel that combines the hood and fenders to eliminate panel gaps, lending the G90 its definingly sleek design.

The interior of the G90 is designed to satisfy both customers who take the wheel themselves and those who are driven by chauffeurs. The driver’s seat brings to life Genesis’ interior design ethos of the Beauty of White Space, harmoniously combining the feeling of a high-tech device with new technologies together with the luxurious details that come with analog sensitivities. Drawing attention at the front of the vehicle’s interior are slim air vents that, combined with the wing-like shapes and the next-generation infotainment system — the connected car Integrated Cockpit — integrate the cluster and navigation into a panoramic display, cementing a high-tech look.

The G90 is equipped with a gasoline 3.5 turbo engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission, which features a maximum output of 375 horsepower and a maximum torque of 54.0 kgf·m. The 3.5 turbo engine achieves a combined fuel efficiency of 9.3 km/ℓ with a dual fuel injection system injecting the optimal amount of fuel to meet driving conditions, and a water cooled type intercooler improving acceleration responsiveness by quickly lowering the temperature of air inflow in the engine. 

Genesis has given the G90 a suite of various cutting-edge convenience technologies to provide an all-new automated experience from the moment customers board the vehicle until the moment they exit the car at their destination. When a driver approaches the G90 with their smart key, auto flush door handles pop up to greet the driver. Once the driver enters the vehicle, the easy-close system closes the door without passengers needing to reach out and grab it. The G90’s fingerprint authentication system in the center console enables users to set up and select their customized user profiles, check recent destinations and access the infotainment system settings. The G90 is the first model to feature hands-on detection, allowing the vehicle to accurately detect when the driver is holding the steering wheel. It is also the first model Genesis has equipped with a fragrance system, which disperses pleasing scents throughout the car’s interior.

Genesis has used antibacterial materials throughout the G90, with a UV light-sterilized armrest box in the second row and an antibacterial filter to offer passengers a safer and cleaner interior. Genesis coated the G90’s interior with an antibacterial silver zinc zeolite material, which prevents the growth of bacteria and microorganisms on areas with artificial leather and car mats, such as the G90’s crash pads, door trim, and armrests. Air purifiers in the G90 are equipped with an antibacterial filter that blocks harmful substances in the air to provide a better indoor atmosphere.

In celebration of Saudi Arabia’s National Day, which takes place annually on Sept. 23, Hilton Riyadh Hotel and Residences is offering a variety of promotions to serve residents, travelers, and families within the Kingdom. The premier, full-service hotel has unveiled a wide range of deals including discounted room rates, food and beverage specials and entertainment programs, all in commemoration of the 92nd National Day of Saudi Arabia.

Hilton Riyadh is offering board packages at half its standard rate, with credit worth SR92 ($24) redeemable toward food and beverage purchases. For all guests within the resort, the hotel is providing a 15 percent discount on the continental in-room dining menu.

Restaurants and lounges at Hilton Riyadh will also present a curated selection of dishes and beverages to honor Saudi Arabia’s National Day. Ambar, the lobby’s palatial lounge, is offering a 15 percent discount for all walk-in and in-house guests on its regular menu. The premium Asian-fusion restaurant Lotus will provide a 25 percent discount for all walk-in and in-house guests on its menu.

TEATRO, the hotel’s feature restaurant, has curated a special dinner buffet inclusive of water and soft drinks on Friday, from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. at SR192 per person. In the spirit of national appreciation, Anar Restaurant has also rolled out a commemorative green cocktail named “The Heart of Riyadh,” made from green apples, spinach, mint and lemon juice, with a dash of honey and ginger. This flavorful beverage is only available on Sept. 23 for a special price of SR15.

“We at Hilton Riyadh are excited to adorn our hotel with deals, delights and décor that rightfully commemorate Saudi Arabia’s rich history. As the country continues to grow, we are fortunate to play a part in welcoming visitors to the Kingdom’s capital with a refined, premium experience that speaks to the hospitality of the nation,” said Hans Schiller, general manager of Hilton Riyadh Hotel and Residences.

To greet guests with a warm ambiance, the hotel’s lobby has been adorned with Saudi-themed decorations and flowers, serving as an atmospheric ode to the national celebration. In addition, the hotel’s exterior has been fitted with green lighting ornaments and green fountain water in an ode to the colors of the Kingdom’s flag.

The hotel’s top-end health club, Eforea Spa, has also laid out a commemorative 25 percent discount for all walk-in and in-house guests on its holistic services.

Hilton Riyadh Hotel and Residences has also planned a range of engaging activities for guests. In-house guests will receive a special Saudi-themed welcome gift for children, which includes a themed coloring book, balloon, toy and Saudi flag, whilst enjoying traditional dances and entertainment in the resort’s foyer.

A tent within the lobby will feature a variety of cultural entertainment segments that pay homage to the history and rich cultural fabric of Saudi Arabia. A stand within the tent will share an array of traditional, delectable sweets and cookies, as well as cakes and cupcakes designed with the National Day’s insignia.

All of the National Day offers and events will run until Sept. 24.

TCL Electronics (1070.HK), one of the dominant players in the global TV industry and consumer electronics sector, showcased the latest addition to its XL collection at IFA 2022, Europe’s biggest tech show that ran from Sept. 2-6. The 98-inch TCL 98C735 is the world’s largest QLED TV and is currently available in the Kingdom and the UAE.

In line with TCL’s brand signature “Inspire Greatness,” the XL collection features TCL TVs with a screen size of more than 75 inches. The collection offers many options for screen sizes and technologies to fit different budget requirements. The XL collection TVs promise a more immersive, and more engaging visual experience for home entertainment like watching movies, gaming and sports. The TV technology is also paired with Google TV so viewers can access premium content with the best possible quality at home.

TCL brings cinema to your home

The 98-inch C735 featuring Google TV is the largest in the series, with QLED technology 4K resolution that delivers immersive entertainment viewing with stunning Hollywood standard color performance. TCL designed the 98-inch C735 to emulate the best seat in the movie house: When sitting about three meters away from the 98C735 screen at home, users can enjoy the same 60-degree field of view as watching a gigantic 30-meter screen from the middle row, center seats at a movie theater. Both 98C735 and 75C735 are QLED TVs and can deliver 100 percent reproduction of Hollywood colors, exactly as the director and cinematographer intended.

The XL collection’s 75C935 and 75C835 TVs are powered by mini LED backlights, which TCL developed to ensure top-class viewing even in a bright room. With thousands of mini LED lights, the XL collection screens display HDR content at its best by delivering incredible brightness with richer light and shadows. C935’s 1,920 local dimming zones also ensure brilliant blacks, bright whites, vivid colors, and even more fine definitions in images.

All the TVs in the 2022 XL collection support most HDR technologies and formats available in the market, such as Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10 and HDR10+.

Gaming and sports … now even bigger!

The XL collection also offers the ultimate smooth gaming experience. The 75C935 and 75C835 offer low input lag and a variable refresh rate of up to 144 Hz and both TVs support HDMI 2.1 input.

These XL screens allow sports fans to enjoy an immersive experience as if they are at the stadium — just in time for the major sporting events taking place this year! Not only will the 2022 XL collection TVs thrill sports fans, but so will TCL’s partnerships with FIBA and the EuroBasket tournament, and new football sponsorships with England’s player Phil Foden, Raphael Varane for France and the rising Spanish star Pedri.

VirtuPort recently hosted the 10th edition of the Middle East and North Africa Information Security Conference 2022, which spotlighted cybersecurity challenges facing organizations and corporates in Saudi Arabia and the region at large.

The two-day international conference, held on Sept. 6-7 in Riyadh, was titled “Converging Cyber Intel: Critical Network Infrastructure IT, OT and IoT,” and featured more than two dozen world-class speakers, key decision-makers and information security influencers, who presented real-life case studies as well as the best practices in cybersecurity and cyber risk management. More than 50 global cyber companies sponsored MENAISC 2022, which was held at Hilton Riyadh Hotel and Residences. The general participation included representatives from top companies from the Kingdom and the region.

Samir Omar, CEO of the MENAISC 2022 and VirtuPort, welcomed guests with a presentation on “Cyber Fusion — The world enters a new epoch.” He said: “There are over a dozen critical infrastructure sectors whose assets, systems and networks, whether physical or virtual, are considered so vital to any country in that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or any combination thereof.”

The aim of the 10th MENAISC, Omar said, was to “generate an effective dialogue between executives, directors and global cybersecurity experts with rich experiences in developing strategies and cybersecurity techniques for the benefit of digital transformation and technological advancements.”

“The Saudi ICT market has been witnessing steady growth since the launch of Saudi Vision 2030. This makes the IT infrastructure in the public and private sectors vulnerable to cyberattacks, where these attacks cause great damage to the economy and various sectors,” the VirtuPort CEO said.

VirtuPort provides cybersecurity advisory services to companies ranging from medium to large entities across all industries in the MENA region. Omar stressed the importance of the conference for Saudi Arabia, especially because it is the largest market for information and communication technology in the MENA region.

For over a decade, MENAISC has addressed the industry challenges and provided thought leadership via global and renowned influential speakers, technical workshops, CPE credits, technology exhibitions and much more, contributing to creating an environment of information sharing and community building, including promoting public-private partnerships and more.

The event showcased Saudi Arabia as a pioneer in advanced technological applications for a cyber-secure digital transformation. Delegates at the conference discussed ways and means to stop criminals from causing significant financial harm to companies and governments.

Paul Roberts, Microsoft’s technical specialist in IoT security, was all praise for Saudi Arabia. “It’s amazing to see Saudi Arabia holding such conferences and the participation of several top companies proves how they are aware of cybersecurity,” he said.

Christopher Will, vice president at CyberStronger, said Saudi Arabia’s human capability development program under Vision 2030 will foster values of determination and persistence and improve the readiness of youth to join the labor market.

Giving an overview of targeted intrusion activity, CrowdStrike’s Senior Director Jason Rivera cited Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea for resorting to cyberattacks through espionage and financially motivated attacks.

Waleed Al-Mogbel, CEO of Al-Rajhi Bank, announced that the bank has successfully concluded a three-year dual tranche sustainability commodity murabaha facility with the total amount exceeding $1 billion, making Al-Rajhi the first Islamic financial institution in the world to conclude such Shariah-compliant sustainability financing.

This transaction is considered the largest Shariah-compliant syndication in the Middle East that complies with environmental, social and governance practices. The deal was well received in the international and regional markets as Al-Rajhi succeeded in increasing the financing from the initial offered amount, and a diversified group of 13 global investors from North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East participated in the landmark transaction. The proceeds aimed to increase the bank’s liquidity levels, which will have a positive impact on the bank’s overall business activities.

The syndication was led by HSBC and SMBC International Bank as mandated lead arrangers and bookrunners. The participation of global institutions reflects the trust in Al-Rajhi Bank’s overall business activities, market share and market positioning. It also demonstrates the bank’s commitment to environmental and social sustainability practices, as all proceeds from this financing will be allocated to qualified sustainable projects that are Shariah-compliant and have a positive impact, as specified in the bank’s framework of sustainable financing.

This is considered the first ESG syndication loan in accordance with the bank’s sustainable financing framework, which was established to facilitate financing in accordance with ESG principles. Standard Chartered Bank assisted Al-Rajhi Bank in developing the sustainable finance framework. S&P Global assessed the framework as an independent entity and confirmed that it complies with the Green Loan Principles, Social Loan Principles, Environmentally Friendly Bond Principles, Social Bond Principles and Sustainability Bond Guidelines of the ICMA.